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Staying Covid-19 Secure

Please see below the latest updates according to the COVID-19 government guidance


Whitlingham Adventure staying Covid-19 Secure

Last Updated: 29th March 2021

Dear Customer,

Whitlingham Adventure is currently closed, however, we are now reviewing our Health & Safety policies and Covid-secure procedures to ensure that we can re-open soon. We are ensuring that they are in line with new government guidance, National Governing Body guidance and Norfolk County Council policy for a safe and enjoyable visit.

For updates on when we can re-open and how, please keep a check on our website and social media. We will update you when we can.

We have made the following amendments to our centre, booking systems and how we run our activities. Please familiarise yourself with the changes below as this will set out what to expect when you visit us next.

Before you arrive


You must pre-book all activities before visiting the centre. We have reduced capacity and will be limiting our activities, so pre-booking is essential.


We are asking all customers to pre-pay before visiting the centre. This will either be part of our course booking process through our website, or over the phone for other bookings.

Check Website

We will update information relating to health and hygiene. The updates will be via the Website, Facebook or Twitter.

If you have symptoms, do NOT travel

If you or someone in your household or support bubble are showing coronavirus symptoms, everyone in your household or support bubble MUST stay home. If you or a member of your support bubble is contacted as part of the test and trace programme, the individual contacted MUST stay at home. If the individual becomes symptomatic, everyone in the support bubble should then isolate.

You will be asked before the start of the session to confirm that yourself, household and support bubble do not have any symptoms and have not been contacted by NHS track and trace.

When you arrive

Parking and access to the centre

Please park in the Lime Avenue car park (signposted for Whitlingham Adventure) and where possible park away from other cars. The country park is open to the general public, so please keep 2m apart from other visitors whilst using the country park.


Please look out for the new signage that will be in place to inform customers of safety measures to follow. Markers will be in place to help staff and guests maintain social distancing wherever there is a need to queue. Signage will be placed in prominent areas to remind everyone to maintain social distancing and wash their hands regularly.

Where to meet on arrival

You will be greeted by one of our staff on arrival and asked to sanitise your hands. We will then direct you to your area. For young people courses, we will have a drop off/collection area outside of the centre, to avoid any queueing or congregation within the centre.

Confirmation of no symptoms

You will be asked before the start of the session to confirm that yourself, household and support bubble do not have any symptoms and have not been contacted by NHS track and trace.

Meeting Areas

Each group ‘bubble’ will have a meeting area, outside on the deck. This will be the base for the day and only used by your bubble. The deck has an all-weather canopy, but please feel free to bring additional clothing for breaks.

Reduced Capacity

Customers visiting will be reduced in number to allow for social distancing measures. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate spectators on the deck and only booked participants can use the facilities.

Social distancing

Please remain within your group (bubble) keeping a safe distance apart from other groups. There will be strategies/signs in place to maintain social distancing. The number of people permitted in each cabin at any one time has been calculated to ensure social distancing can be maintained in line with the current government guidance.


Our reception will be closed until further notice. Staff will be available to discuss any requirements.

Hygiene onsite

Food and Drink

All food and drink must be brought for the day. We will provide access to fresh tap water. The Flint Barn café within the country park provides a takeaway service.


Toilet facilities provided for visitors will allow for users to maintain social distancing and cleaning materials will be provided to allow ‘self-cleaning’.

Hygiene Measures

We would politely request that all our visitors to the centre uphold the highest possible hygiene standards, including regular hand washing and application of hand sanitiser, which is provided.

Staff Training

The staff team have participated in Covid-19 specific training, instructing them how to stay safe as well as keep all visitors to the site safe. 

Enhanced Cleaning

Our staff team are carrying out more cleaning throughout the day, including touch points.

Deep Cleaning 

We have introduced new deep cleaning measures in the event that a person presents themselves with symptoms consistent with Covid-19.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to all cabins and must be used by everyone entering the centre to reduce the risk of transmission. Adequate hand washing facilities or sanitiser are provided at other key locations.

Face Coverings

You will be required to wear a face covering when inside any of our cabins. Staff will also be wearing face coverings inside and if required to be in close contact for essential first aid.

When you leave

Personal Belongings

Please make sure that you take all items with you at the end of the day, including any food and drink items.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 following your visit

If you have symptoms or are diagnosed with Covid-19 after your visit please get in contact. You must follow the Government guidance for test and trace.


Adaptions for Covid-19

Staff will undergo comprehensive training in preventing the transmission of Covid, washing hands, cleaning, hygiene, social distancing and the use of PPE.

Where social distancing cannot be maintained, instructors will follow government advice and wear the appropriate protective equipment.

The Duty Manager on the day will be our Covid-champion and will monitor our covid-secure procedures are being followed at all times. If you have any concerns, then please speak to the Duty Manager.


Adaptions for Covid-19 

Programmes have been modified to ensure activities can be conducted to adhere with social distancing guidelines and prevent any interaction with other groups.

Activities will be conducted in accordance with the guidance issued by the Governing Bodies of Sport and Industry sector bodies where relevant.

The need for customers to share equipment will be minimised.

We will ensure strict maintenance of hand hygiene using hand sanitiser before, during (where appropriate) and after activity.

We will have a clearly defined disinfecting routine in place to disinfect relevant equipment and contact surfaces before, after and at pre-set intervals as defined in activity risk assessment.

Rescues – If a close ‘contact’ rescue is necessary, instructors will use a method that avoids ‘face to face’ situation or use the appropriate PPE


Our Covid-secure risk assessment has been reviewed by Norfolk County Council Health, Safety & Wellbeing Team. The centre team will regularly review our procedures and update this document as required.

To download a copy of our Covid secure public statement please click here


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