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Whitlingham Country Park & Whitlingham Adventure update


For the continued safety of our customers and our staff , the centre will be closed from Thursday 19 March until further notice.  The situation will be reviewed on a regular basis.

We will be contacting customers who have booked with us up to Sunday 31st May (inclusive) to rearrange bookings for later in the year.  Bookings after this date are pending, subject to Government and County Council guidance.

Please continue to look out for updates about future activities on our social media channels such as FaceBook and Twitter.

Although we are closed, the park is open so why not make the most of this glorious weather with a walk, jog or cycle around the Great Broad, through the green spaces or a trip through the woods – there’s plenty of room for visitors. Please visit Whitlingham Charitable Trust’s website as they have up to date information ensure you can visit the park safely and responsibly.

As today marks the start of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week 2020’, lets run through some ways that the park can have a positive effect and help to enhance overall wellbeing.

‘The Ways of Wellbeing at Whitlingham Country Park’

Connect – Stay connected with the people who are important to you. Why not arrange to meet one other person from outside your household and explore the park together (remember 2m).

Take Notice – Take the time to stop and really appreciate the world around us. Can you spot all the wildlife here? Notice how the trees are in full leaf now. Take a rest on one of the many benches, observe the nature and take in the views.

Be Active – This park really has it all. You can take a walk, cycle or jog around the Great Broad, there is roughly 2 miles of a wheelchair and pushchair friendly track. Notice how small the centre looks from the other end of the Broad! Why not time how long it takes to make it round, or even try one of the routes through the woods which will test your stamina up and down some hills.

Keep Learning- Once we reopen why not try out a new sport, for example Paddleboarding is very popular – give it a go, you never know you might love it! The park could inspire you to take up photography, create some poetry or produce some art.

Give – How about giving some of your time to a loved one or friend? Give them a call, or even better arrange to meet for a walk. They may need support or simply some company. ‘Giving’ has numerous proven benefits on our mental health and wellbeing. It could be as simple as smiling or saying hello to a stranger you might come across in the park.

We hope this might encourage you to visit the park but please remember to look after one another and if you do visit, please do it safely.

We look forward to seeing you at the centre soon.

Whitlingham Adventure Team


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